• Did IRE Play In The School Band?

    Members (Ari Esmi, Brandon Fandel, Joe Leo) talk about their experiences playing instruments in public school bands with Acute Mania Live.
  • IRE Announces 5th Release - "Reflections"

    IRE announces the upcoming release of their 5th single, the final track of the Poison Dreams EP.

    “Once you hear it, you just can’t stop listening.” said Joe Leo (bass guitar, backing vocals) of IRE “There’s just so much in this song musically, lyrically and emotionally.”

  • IRE Announces 4th Release - "Smile and Watch It Burn"

    IRE announces the upcoming release of their 4th single, a much-anticipated release after Red Ink, Paris Green, and Lost Your Faith.

    “Smile and Watch it Burn brings out the absolute best of IRE’s previous releases but takes it to another level adding faster-paced, more aggressive metalcore elements similar to that of All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, and Killswitch Engage,” said Brandon Fandel (lead vocals, guitars, drums) of IRE.