IRE Announces 5th Release - "Reflections"





IRE announces the upcoming release of their 5th single, the final track of the Poison Dreams EP.

“Once you hear it, you just can’t stop listening.” said Joe Leo (bass guitar, backing vocals) of IRE “There’s just so much in this song musically, lyrically and emotionally.”

Fast and Heavy Verses With a HUGE, Emotional Chorus

The Pittsburgh native metalcore band’s new song takes a deeper lyrical turn than previous releases. “Reflections is about the internal struggle and questions we all face about life and death. Not only is it an extremely emotional song, but it’s also very dynamic and hits just as hard as previous songs, even with a more polished, radio-friendly sounding chorus. It’s our best song – hands down.” said Brandon Fandel (lead vocals, guitars, studio drums) of IRE. Friends of the band who have listened to the pre-release of the new single are expecting this to be the band’s breakout song. Ari Esmi (guitars, backing vocals) of IRE says “Reflections tugs on the emotions of getting old and wondering where your life has gone. Days go by and you find yourself as only remnants of what you used to be.”

Reflections will be available across all major streaming platforms (including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and many others) Friday, July 2nd, 2021.

Founded in 2019, IRE consists of Ari Esmi (guitars, backing vocals), Brandon Fandel (lead vocals, guitars, studio drums), and Joe Leo (bass, backing vocals). These three have been playing music together for over 10 years since being early teenagers. Working with top producers, Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak (responsible for August Burns Red, Polaris, Lorna Shore, ERRA, and others), this Pittsburgh-local group of lifelong friends has managed to get on Spotify official playlist “New Blood,” radio time on Pittsburgh rock station - 105.9 The X and has driven over 250,000 streams across multiple major streaming platforms since their first release in February of 2020 – Red Ink. Red Ink and Smile and Watch It Burn have received mass praise from fans across multiple genres and have maintained thousands of streams per month each on Spotify. So far, they have been IRE’s biggest successes, however those who have been a part of this pre-release feel that Reflections will far surpass the success of Red Ink and Smile and Watch It Burn combined. 

Listen to “Reflections” on Spotify 

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